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Culinary Arts


Ms. Ashley Salter


The culinary arts academy  is a three-year program that is designed to  prepare students to work in the food service/hospitality industry. Students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications needed to work in this industry.   These certifications include:
 SafeStaff - required for all restaurant workers in the state of Florida and many other states.
ServSafe - Someone with this certification must be on site for a facility to be open to serve food.  These facilities include any place from a fast food to a fine dining.   In addition a student who passes the ServSafe industry certification may replace their 4th year of math with this certification.  
Culinary 2 fulfills the Fine Arts graduation requirement 
Three-year program completers have the opportunity to earn the Gold Seal scholarship as well as other scholarship opportunities.  Three year completers may also be awarded 3 college credits from PSC to use toward any major of study.