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Citing Sources

Citing a book (MLA 5.6, 6th edition)

  Author's name.  "Title of a part of the book (e.g. essay, chapter, etc.), if applicable."  Title of the book

Name of the editor, etc. if applicable.  Place of publication:  Name of the publisher, date of

publication.  Page numbers, if applicable.

Book by a single author (MLA 5.6.1)

Stokesbury, James L.  A Short History of World War I.  New York:  Macmillan, 1984.

Book with Editor only (MLA 5.6.2)

Feldman, Paula R., ed.  British Women Poets of the Romantic Era.  Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins UP, 1997.

Anthology (MLA 5.6.2)

Francisco, Edward, Robert Vaughan, and Linda Francisco, comp.  The South in Perspective:  An Anthology of

Southern Literature.  Princeton:  Princeton UP, 1975.

Work in an Anthology (MLA 5.6.7)

Beriant, Lauren.  "Race, Gender and the Nation in The Color Purple." Alice Walker:  Critical Perspectives

Past and Present.  Ed. Henry Louis Gates and K.A. Appiah.  New York:  Amistad, 1993.  211-38.

Hansberry, Lorraine.  A Raisin in the Sun.  Black Theater: A Twentieth-Century Collection of the Work of Its

Best Playwrights. Ed. Lindsay Patterson.  New York:  Dodd, 1971.  221-76.

Reprinted essay (MLA 5.6.7) / Work in an anthology (MLA 5.6.7)

Gard, Roger.  "Questioning the Merit of Pride and Prejudice." Jane Austen's Novels:  The Art of Clarity.  New

Haven: Yale UP, 1992.  Rpt. in Readings on Pride and Prejudice.  Ed. Clarice Swisher.  San Diego: 

Greenhaven, 2000. 111-17.

Reprinted essay (MLA 5.6.7) / Work in an anthology (MLA 5.6.7) - Reprint of...

Walker, Mary L. "Nuclear Energy is Affordable." Energy Alternatives: Opposing Viewpoints. Ed. Helen Cothran.

San Diego: Greenhaven, 2002. 92-95. Rpt. of "Return to Nuclear." The San Diego Union-Tribune

2 March 2001.

Reprinted essay (MLA 5.6.7) / Work in an anthology (MLA 5.6.7) - Excerpted from...

Calvert, Guy. "The Government Should Respect Individuals' Freedom to Gamble." Gambling. Ed. James D. Torr.

San Diego: Greenhaven, 2002. Excerpted fr. "Gambling America: Balancing the Risks of Gambling and Its

Regulation." Cato Policy Analysis 18 June 1999.

Books with multiple authors (MLA 5.6.4)

Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar.  The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women.  New York: 

Norton, 1985.

Gilman, Sander, Helen King, Roy Porter, George Rousseau, and Elaine Showalter. Hysteria beyond Freud

Berkeley: U of California P, 1993.


Gilman, Sander, et al.  Hysteria beyond Freud.  Berkeley:  U of California P, 1993.

Multivolume work (MLA 5.6.15) - General Criticism

Akers, Tim, ed. " ' A Rose for Emily':  Critical Overview."  Short Stories for Students.  Vol. 6.  Detroit:  Gale,

1999.  256.  

Multivolume work (MLA 5.6.15) - Authored Criticism

Hermanson, Casie.  "The Great Gatsby:  Criticism." Novels for Students.  Ed. Diane Telgen.  Vol. 2.  Detroit:

Gale, 1997.  77-79.

            Reprinted essay (MLA 5.6.7) / Multivolume work (MLA 5.6.15)

West, Ray B., Jr.  "Atmosphere and Theme in Faulkner's 'A Rose for Emily.' "  William Faulkner: Four Decades of

Criticism. Ed. Linda Welshimer Wagner. East Lansing: Michigan State UP, 1973.  192-98.  Rpt. in Short

Stories for Students.  Ed. Tim Akers.  Vol. 6. Detroit:  Gale, 1999.  260-61.  

Reprinted essay (MLA 5.6.7) in a multivolume work (MLA 5.6.15)

Walton, Eda Lou.  "Nothing New Under the Sun."  New Masses 43:11 (1942):  23.  Rpt. in Poetry Criticism

Ed. Robyn V. Young.  Vol. 1.  Detroit:  Gale, 1991.  239.

Painting, Sculpture, or Photograph (MLA 5.8.6)

Cassett, Mary. Mother and Child. Wichita Art Museum.  American Painting: 1560-1913. By John Pearce.

New York: McGraw, 1964.  274.            

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London. Personal photograph by author. 7 Mar. 2003.

Specialized Encyclopedias (MLA 5.6.8)

Grice, Maureen.  "Macbeth:  Stage History:  America." The Reader's Encyclopedia of Shakespeare

Ed. Oscar James Campbell.  New York:  Crowell, 1966.  488-489.

"Romanticism."  Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia.  Ed. Bruce Murphy, 4th ed.  New York:  Harper,


Scholarly Journal (MLA 5.7.2)

Barthelme, Frederick. "Architecture." Kansas Quarterly 13-3.4 (1981): 77-80.

Magazine Article (MLA 5.7.6)

Weintraub, Arlene, and Laura Cohen. "A Thousand-Year Plan for Nuclear Waste." Business Week

6 May 2002:94-96.

Newspaper Article (MLA 5.7.5)

Chang, Kenneth. "The Melting (Freezing) of Antarctica." New York Times 2 Apr. 2002, late ed.: F1+.

Citing Web Sites & Multimedia


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Article: Online News

"City Profile: San Francisco." 2002. Cable News Network. 14 May 2002 <


Article: Online Newspaper

Achenbach, Joel. "America's River." Washington Post 5 May 2002. 20 May 2002 <http://www.washingtonpost.


Film Clip

Murnau, F. W., dir. Nosferatu. 1922. The Sync . 16 June 2002 <>.

Painting / Photograph

Goldblatt, David. Bloubergstrand and Table Bay. 1986. Museum of Mod. Art, New York. 12 Oct. 2005


Sound Clip

McFerrin, Bobby. "Kalimba Suite." Beyond Words. Blue Note, 2002. 21 May 2002 <


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1920 Election. 1996. American Memory. Lib. of Congress, Washington. 19 Mar. 2002



It's a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Perf. James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, and Thomas

Mitchell. 1946. DVD. Republic, 2001.