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Northview High School

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    All tickets for the 2022-2023 Northview High School athletic season must be purchased online at Tickets will then be validated at the gate. Fans will also have the ability to purchase tickets at the gate. Cash will not be accepted. 

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    Do you have some family who cannot make it to graduation? Share this link with them to watch it live:

    Northview's Graduation Livestream

    Northview's 2023 graduation will be held at the Pensacola Bay Center on May 25, 2023, at 12:15 p.m.

    Senior Honors Program will be held on Monday, May 22, at 6:30 p.m., in Northview's Gym.

    Graduation Letter May 22, 2023

    Principal Sherrill callout script: May 22, 2023



    Principal Sherrill's Callout Script (April 28, 2023): 

    Good evening. This is Mr. Sherrill, Principal at Northview High School.  I wanted to share some information to all of our parents and students concerning our school library and classroom book collections. 

    Escambia County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school library collections. Beginning May 1st, a parent may log into the Focus Parent Portal and choose their student's level of library access. There are 3 levels of access that a parent may choose.

    The first choice is called Unlimited:  The Unlimited choice means that your student may have full access to check out grade and age-appropriate books that are available at our school library to include same grade level interlibrary loan as well as classroom libraries. 

    The second choice is called Limited: The Limited choice means that your student may check out books from the library media center, but there is content that you would like your student not to have access to in the library media center.  This selection will give the parent an opportunity to provide clarifying comments on the materials that may be accessed by their student.  Students with this selection will not have access to classroom libraries and digital library collections. 

    And the third choice is called No Access:  The No Access choice means that your student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center, classroom libraries, or digital library collections. 

    To make a decision other than Unlimited, please log into the Focus Student Information System on May 1st or later, and complete the Library Access Form.  

    If you choose Unlimited, you do not need to complete the formThis information will also be posted on our school website and our Facebook page.

    Also, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Megan Carroll, our Media Center Specialist at 761-6000 Extension 302126.

    Thank you, and GO CHIEFS!! 


                        Ms. McMillan

    Congratulations to Ms. Donna McMillan on being selected as Northview's Teacher of the Year.

    Ms. McMillan has taught reading at Northview for the past four years and has been a teacher for eight years. She coached basketball for three years.
    Ms. McMillan said that "teaching is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Getting to know my students and watching them learn and grow every day is the best feeling in the world." Ms. McMillan previously worked in business and management.

    We appreciate her care for and dedication to our students. Congratulations!! 


    Dental Bus 2023
    Applications are in the front office. 


    Congratulations to Caitlyn Gibson for being named Northview High School’s 2022 homecoming queen. First runner-up was McKenna Simmons; second runner-up was Emma Gilmore. Saniyah Hixon was named junior maid; Payton Daw was named sophomore maid; and Kathryn Beasley was named freshman maid.



    Students Rights and Responsibilities 

    Sign the Agreement

    View Students Rights and Responsibilities 


    Testing Information:

    Testing Google Classroom Code: t5gnevl


    Spring Testing Dates:

    • Algebra EOC Retakes -  Feb. 22nd-23rd
    • ACT Reportable (all 11th graders) - Feb. 28th
    • SAT Non-Reportable - March 1st
    • FSA ELA Writing Retake - March 2nd
    • FSA ELA Reading Retakes - March 6th-7th
    • ACT Non-Reportable (11 and 12 who are missing testing graduation requirement) 
      • March 30


    • FAST PM 3 - Tuesday (5/2)
    • US History EOC - Tuesday (5/2)
    • AP Human Geography Exam - Thursday (5/4)
    • FCLE Exam - Thursday (5/4)
    • Algebra and Geometry EOC - Tuesday (5/9)
    • Biology EOC - Thursday (5/11)
    • Possible Testing Makeup Days - 5/3, 5/5, 5/8, 5/10, 5/12, 5/16, 5/17

    **Note** - It is very important to be on time and have a charged Chromebook on your testing days.  All tests (except for the AP Human Geography Exam) are computer based.


    District Testing Calendar

    2022-23 Student Accident Insurance Plan



    Chief's Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision Statement: To be a school that empowers, inspires, and values students who will become responsible citizens, who are capable of thinking critically, solving problems, and innovating ideas, and who will be committed to life-long education and individual successes.

    Mission Statement: To establish a learning environment that respects student diversity, encourages potential in all students and staff, and facilitates productivity in our future citizens, who will contribute to our nation’s welfare and the global environment in a positive manner.